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Experience traditional Japanese food culture from the cellar to your table,
making you Happy and Healthier.

Japanese food" is a world-recognized Japanese culture recognized by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage.
Soy sauce, miso, sake, and mirin, the basic seasonings of Japanese food, are now common words even in foreign countries. These seasonings began to be actively produced in Japan as far back as the Edo period (1603-1868). The ingredients were carefully produced in large vats made of cedar wood and passed down from generation to generation despite the postwar wave of mechanization and mass production, and there are many breweries that continue to produce them the traditional way.
- However, we must not overlook the reality that the current domestic production and distribution volume is less than 1% of the total.
KIOKE BOX is an initiative that aims to create a commercial channel connecting breweries and customers in a subscriber style that delivers products directly to overseas customers, supports artisans, keeps customers healthy, and educates people about traditional Japanese culture and food culture, with the goal of continuing to create a better life for all involved.

What do you get in the KIOKE BOX

Aged in KIOKE barrels for 2 years.

KIOKE Say Sauce

Using locally sourced round soybeans and wheat from Saitama Prefecture, aged for a year in cedar barrels. It's smooth on the palate without leaving only saltiness, making it popular even among ramen shop owners.

Crafted in KIOKE barrels for a 2-year


While many light miso varieties are typically fermented and completed within a month, "Shiromiso" requires a minimum of three months to extract maximum umami. Through this period, it develops a rich taste despite its light color. However, "Shiromiso" also retains the freshness typical of light miso. Please give it a try.

Freeze-dried "Haccho Miso"

KIOKE Miso Powder

Using the freeze-drying method, we have turned the deliciousness and nutrients of Mikawa Soybeans Haccho Miso into powder form. It is convenient for those trying it for the first time or for carrying around due to its individual packaging.

Delicacies coated with Kioke Soy Sauce.

Wooden Barrel Aged Soy Sauce Mixed Nuts

Using traditional wooden barrels, Yuge Tamaki Brewery crafts soy sauce seasoned nuts at low temperatures. A mix of nuts that maximizes the fragrance and flavor of soy sauce!

Nice and Crunchy

Rice cracker made with Barrel-aged Soy and Mirin.

A flavorful rice cracker made by upcycling fermented sugars derived from rice, which are produced when making genuine mirin without using refined white sugar, and combining them with barrel-aged soy sauce.

Wooden Barrel Soy Sauce & Wooden Barrel Vinegar Grated Sauce

Kioke Soy x Onion Dressing

Made with two types of onions: caramelized onions and finely grated onions, combined with barrel-aged soy sauce and vinegar.

Freeze-dried "Soup or Tsuyu"

Based on The Umami of Barrel-Aged Soy Sauce and Fish Sauce

We have created a delicious "tsu-pu" by adding the umami of chicken and fish sauce to Fukuoka Prefecture's Itoshima "Yafu Farm's green onions" and Japan's proud traditional method of "wooden barrel brewed soy sauce (Hokui Soy Sauce)." It can be used as a soup base or simply crushed and used as a versatile seasoning. Enjoy It's versatile gem featuring pesticide-reduced green onions from Yatomi Farm, boasting a 200-year history in Itoshima.

Sardines marinated in the unique Barrel-Aged Kioke Haccho Miso style.

Barrel-Aged Haccho Miso & Vinegar IWASH(Sardines)I Canned Fish

Introducing Japan's popular "Minna no shoku(Our Food) Project canned series". Featuring two types of the original Hachimiso miso, a proud tradition of Japan made in wooden barrels. Additionally, the IWASHI can includes wooden barrel soy sauce and vinegar.

White onion chicken stock miso soup

Freezed dry Miso Soup - Chicken and Onion

The leeks are precooked to enjoy a smooth texture, enhancing the flavor. Steamed chicken is used to complement the leeks. The miso soup is made using a unique blend of miso selected from eight miso breweries nationwide, resulting in a rich flavor profile. ◎ Avoid direct sunlight and store at room temperature. ◎ Reconstitute with approximately 160ml of hot water.

Spinach miso soup

Freezed dry Miso Soup - Spinach

We have carefully selected eight miso breweries from across the country and blended their unique miso products in-house. This freeze-dried miso soup features two traditional Japanese miso soup ingredients: spinach and fried tofu, both made from domestically sourced soybeans.Instructions:Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.Reconstitute with approximately 160ml of hot water.

Matcha-infused Genmaicha(Brown Rice Tea) Pyramid Tea Bags, 16 pieces.

Matcha-infused Genmaicha - Green Tea

We have blended fragrant roasted brown rice with premium matcha for our tea bag leaves. The nutty aroma of brown rice complements the mellow taste of matcha, enhancing the vivid green color.

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